It’s your windows’ job to protect your home from cold air coming in and to keep your home warm. 

In winter, it’s even more important for your windows to be efficient and draught-proof. If your glazing isn’t up to scratch, it’s time for a replacement, but what if your windows need replacing in the middle of winter season?

In this article, we discuss  whether you can replace  windows in winter and we look at the possible advantages of doing so in the off-season.

Fitting windows in winter

 It’s a common myth that you should not replace your windows in winter. 

This may have been the case for older installations, but for modern ones,  it’s very possible to fit a new window when the temperatures drop. 

What’s more, there are even some advantages of installing windows in winter instead of summer for example.

Advantages of installing windows in winter:

  1. Saves money

Winter months are a slow season for window installers, with fewer people having work done. This can be good news for you as many companies offer winter deals and special promotions, saving you money on your installation. 

  1. A quicker installation

With work more available in the off-season, this makes it easier to schedule an installation.  This also means that the wait time for projects is shorter, resulting in much quicker turnaround.

  1. Instant results 

As the temperatures drop, there is a greater need for energy-efficient windows, to keep your home a comfortable place to be. 

A winter installation means that you will feel the results straight away and start saving on your energy bills instantly. 

Find a trusted installer

So as you can see,  installing  windows in winter can not only save you money, but also time and effort.

Now you know some of the benefits of it,  you may be interested in replacing your windows as soon as this winter. Don’t rush though, as to ensure you receive  quality service, it is important to choose a trusted installer. 

At E&A Windows, our passion is delivering the highest quality service and supplying only the finest products to all our customers.

With over 30 years of experience, we have installed thousands of windows and have built  a prestigious reputation. 

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